EXPO Medical Simulation 2020

We build increasingly advanced environments, by creating medical simulation centers. Surgery, intensive care units, emergency wards and labour wards are created. We build apartments and streets. Trainers and phantoms become surprisingly realistic, faithfully reproducing the anatomical and physiological features of human. Advanced robotics allow you to recreate the conditions of the interior of the human body and simulate the most advanced medical procedures. All this to make the learner's experiences as close as possible to those that arise during a real procedure, and all this happens away from the real patient.

Realism is at the heart of simulation. How realistic should a medical simulation be to call it effective? How much detail should it contain so that a student can dive into the environment without disbelief? Ensuring a "perfect" reproduction of reality can be costly and difficult to achieve. Are there solutions that will help achieve this goal in a cheaper and simpler way? Can we replace real medical devices using appropriately advanced technology, providing "sufficiently real" experience at more reasonable costs? Can we use modern teaching tools that we have at our disposal?

What currently limits us? Just the limits of imagination and budget? Is it how we understand and use advanced technology?

I invite you to Zielona Góra!

On behalf of Organizing Committee

mgr Agnieszka Żeromska-Michniewicz
Head of the medical simulation center, Collegium Medicum, University of Zielona Góra
Advanced EUSIM instructor, qualifications gained at the Copenhagen Institute, 10 years of experience in medical simulation (project manager at CSM in Poland, instructor of medical simulation courses), in 2016-2017 President of the POLSIM Foundation (Polish Institute of Medical Simulation)


Speakers, Moderators

MD Mirosława Felsmann
Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz
Director of the Medical Simulation Center
MD Łukasz Gąsiorowski
Medical University of Poznań
Head of the Medical Simulation Center
MD Grzegorz Kucaba
University of Rzeszów
Director of the Medical Simulation Center

MD Beata Wudarska
Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin
Head of the Center for Innovative Medical Simulation
MD Szymon Michniewicz
Collegium Medicum, University of Zielona Góra
Substantive Coordinator of the Medical Simulation Center

EXPO Medical Simulation

The organizers have prepared 100 places for conference participants.
The order of submissions matters. 

Deadline of registration - 22nd of March 2020

The organizers reserve the rule to end registration earlier in case of reaching the limit of places.

Information for Partners/Exhibitors

Companies wishing to take part in 'EXPO Medical Simulation' as Partners or Exhibitors, please contact the Organizational Office directly - mail: EXPOSymulacjaMedyczna@gmail.com

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